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Portal Garden

Portal Garden is a video Installation presented at LUNA Fête that transforms architectural space into a meditative portal. The installation [...]

Live Oak Canopy Triptych

Three 30″ Circular Aluminum Prints. In the collection at Woman’s Hospital Baton Rouge, LA [...]

Art Car

A 1973 Mercedes-Benz has been converted to a custom pin-striped Art Car capable of running on bio-fuels.  Print material, a video loop, [...]

We Are the Animals

Collaboration with Elise Toups, Laren LeBlanc, Meghan Methe, and Alder Suttles We are the Animals is an installation examining human-animal [...]


Collaborative project with Zé Kielwagen for The Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince Haiti. First World artists were asked to “Respond t [...]

Rhizome Series

A series of works exploring interconnected lines. A visual exploration of the never ending. Laser Cut Paper, Laser Etched Paper, and Ceramic [...]

Hard Cider

This solo show is situated somewhere between an art project and traditional informational museum show. Hard cider is fermented in the galle [...]

Big Hairy Monster

Collaboration with Melissa Dettloff. A large plush monster was constructed and filled with prizes for viewers to remove from 5 secret holes. [...]

Blood Fireworks I & II

A project focusing on envisioning the unseen violence of factory farming. Presented in Lansing, Michigan and Joinville, Brazil with the supp [...]
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