We Are the Animals

Collaboration with Elise Toups, Laren LeBlanc, Meghan Methe, and Alder Suttles

We are the Animals is an installation examining human-animal interaction and how we relate, individually and collectively, with different species. Through the use of masquerade and collaborative performances this piece explores the similarities and differences between species. By anthropomorphizing the behavior of animals that coexist with humans, the behavior becomes easier to identify with and evokes notions in the viewer that may have otherwise lay dormant. Humans are the hardest animals to cohabitate with. The wild and domesticated animals surrounding us are nuisances, pets, endangered or extinct. We have cultivated animals selfishly for our needs; protection, food, testing, hunting, transportation, clothing, and comfort. This is a homage for all the non-homo sapiens survivors of the environmental artifice civilization has created. May they endure in spite of us.

These images are from an installation at the Broad Museum of Art in East Lansing, MI.


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