Krampus Costume Ball Posters

Poster design for the Krampus Costume Ball in Ypsilanti Michigan. Collaboration with Chris Sandon and Melissa Dettloff. 3 color screen print [...]

Swipple Poster Design

Poster design created for Swipple and Ever Gold. 1 color screen print on paper. [...]

Tour de Gulfport Logo

Logo design created for Tour de Gulfport – An annual criterium and street festival in Gulfport, Mississippi. [...]

Anchor Fest Logo Design

Logo design for Anchor Fest in Gulfport Mississippi.   [...]

Mark Maynard Banner

Web banner created for [...]

24 Hour Puppet Show Posters

Screen printed posters for a day long puppet show at the Dreamland Theater in Ypsilanti Michigan. Printed with Black, White, and Glow in the [...]



Art Car

A 1973 Mercedes-Benz has been converted to a custom pin-striped Art Car capable of running on bio-fuels.  Print material, a video loop, scu [...]
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